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Convert the THE CAPS LOCK Key!

Numerous times throughout the year, I'll get an assignment hat, inevitably has a huge chunk of it in ALL CAPS. It could happen for a couple of reasons. Either they didn't realize it was on, or they think its the right thing to do for what they are writing.

Copy the text and then mosey over to . Paste the link and then convert it. Currently, it will alter text that should be capitalized. For instance, it won't leave words inside of quotations capitalized, even if they should be. (I've emailed the developer to find out if this is something he is going to change. UPDATE! The developer is working on an update that should fix this. He replied the next day, March 11, that it should happen next week!) It will also convert into ALL CAPS if that is something you need as well.

I once had a student type a list of words and clues for a crossword generator and it was entirely in caps. I was on a time crunch and had to retype it all. This site would have been perfect. Recently, I had a high school aid and told him to get a list of all of the states in ​​alphabetical order.

Thinking he would Google that and share via Google Docs, I was surprised to find out the document he shared was personally typed and it all caps. I opened up a new window and solved that issue in a snap.

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